We’re not recruiters – we’re ex-hiring managers from industry who have struggled with finding good team members and have a passion for helping people. We provide a service to match talented individuals with fulfilling career opportunities.

We’ve been hassled by recruiters ourselves, that’s why we don’t like to be put in the same basket.

How do we differ? Simple. Most recruiters will hassle and call, and waste your valuable time. The end result? More time spent managing a recruiter than finding the right team member. As we’re coming from industry and know what it feels like when trying to find top talent, we don’t call or hassle you with nonsense. We will update you in an agreed timeframe and send you one resume (not 20!). This one resume is usually the person that is interviewed and, nine-times-out-of-ten, is the talent that gets hired.

The end result? You get the talent you’ve been searching for, with less frustration and time being spent to get a better team member who is a long-term valuable asset to your business.