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Ever wondered how some people have all the luck in landing great roles that they really enjoy? It is a combination of knowing what you want along with how to go about getting it.

Is it just about your resume? Is it just about your experience? No it is much more than these two things. In order to get noticed by an employer, you have to stand out from the rest of the other candidates applying. How can you do this? There are some points to note below that may help in getting you a better result in getting that employer to notice your application:

  1. Call up the company to find out to whom the role will report and find out a more about the role. Research the person you will ultimately meet with.
  2. Know who to address your cover letter and make sure you get the title of the person correct.
  3. Call up before you send your application to establish rapport and discuss your strengths and why you are the best person for this role.
  4. Do not sound desperate! There is nothing worse than a desperate candidate. Why? Because as an employer, we want to know that the candidate really wants to join our company. We don’t want someone who is desperate for a role. Anyone who says in a conversation “I am willing to do anything” will most likely have a courtesy ear, but then never hear from an employer again.
  5. Ensure you look the part! Depending on the culture and nature of the role, you must dress and act appropriately.
  6. Make sure your social profiles are consistent with your resume (and there aren’t any photos or videos  that could give a bad impression to a potential employer). A good way to ensure you have covered everything is to Google your name first, and then search for your name across the common Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube if you need).
  7. Understand what the employer is trying to achieve. This may be hard to find out directly, but if you do your research on the company, you may find that there could be some news articles that can give great insight. Knowing this and highlighting your relevant experience and how it aligns with their goals will get you noticed.
  8. Speak about your achievements in the interview! It’s great that you are a team player, a quick learner etc etc. This will NOT get you noticed. What will get you noticed is specific examples on what you have achieved and how that is relevant to the employer you are trying to win over.
  9. Ask excellent questions! If you truly want to get noticed by an employer, don’t ask questions that everyone else is asking. You can often tell if an interviewer has been asked the same question repeatedly because the answer they give is well-rehearsed and will sound like a script reading. Ask a question that will make the interviewer actually think about the answer. This will get you noticed and, if it is at the end of the interview, will leave a lasting impression (depending on the type and appropriateness of question you ask!)

There are many things you can do to get noticed by an employer to land a great role. These are just some of the things we have worked with candidates to address and we have helped so many people find a fulfilling career. If you need a help in getting noticed by the next employer of your choice, give us a call to see how we can help you too.

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